Contacts and relations in a time of Covid

Port logistics is by its nature an activity in which the physical presence of specialized staff is an essential factor for a correct and rapid management of the goods handling phases. In this context, the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the adoption of measures to ensure the safety of all operators involved, respecting health restrictions and at the same time maintaining port operations efficient.

With regard to VECON employees, all the limitations to interpersonal contacts have been applied through the observance of the minimum distance and the use of personal protective equipment that the company has immediately provided, combined with periodic sanitation of the places and structures of work. This scenario has brought about a new way of relating between people who have had to adapt to rapid and substantial changes in work relationships and beyond. Specifically, VECON personnel, at all levels and in different roles, were able to correctly interpret this important change. Spacing, smart working, masks, sanitizing have become part of our daily life. In this year the goods have continued to transit through the docks of the Port of Venice and the containers still fill the customs areas. This indicates that it was the approach to work that changed and not the work itself which, thanks to the resilience demonstrated by VECON and its staff. This guarantees, now and in the future, the timely arrival and departure of goods even in the face of important events and traumatic.

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