Information systems

Our highly efficient and flexible terminal management software makes it possible to schedule container moves for loading and discharge as well as yard operations. Vecon has implemented the management system of PSA International, which is the result of and 8 the specialized expertise developed by the PSA group in all of its ports around the five continents. Highly advanced application and interface modules are available and can be added to the online configuration according to the needs of local businesses.

Appointments and status

Automation of operational procedures covers the entire container management cycle, from booking through to delivery and loading.
Vecon offers the possibility of connecting with the document management system to make the various bookings and follow in real time the status of containers and goods. An extensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system is also available.

Remote access

To ensure fast, safe data management, Vecon uses an AS400 mainframe. External users are offered a package of services for management of data on their side, such as

  • Online gate-in/gate-out bookings
  • Viewing customs documentation
  • Possibility of making queries and printouts

The service is controlled by a password system and is developed to suit the needs of agencies, freight forwarders, customs agents and hauliers.
Remote access requires internet connection and a browser.

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Electronic data Interchange (EDI) connection system

EDI connects commercial partners via telecommunication networks. The system implements the characteristics required by the various international standards, ensures rapid data exchange, drastically reduces problems resulting from manual data entry and eliminates paper copies and associated costs.

Vecon currently handles the following EDI documentation:

  • BAPLIE (Bay Plan Stowage Plan) reception/ transmission
    Ship loading plan (including all stowage information).
  • COARRI (Container discharge/loading report) transmission
    List of containers loaded/discharged from a ship.
  • CODECO (Container gate-in/gate-out report) transmission
    List of containers gated in/gated out in a period of time.
  • COPARN (Container Announcement) reception
    Gate-in/gate-out booking.
  • COARRI (Container discharge/loading report) reception
    List of containers expected to be loaded/discharged from a ship.
  • TPFREP (Terminal Performance Report) transmission
    Information on activities performed (discharge and loading operations).

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