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Our values at the service of companies

Excellent in productivity

GCR (Gross Crane Rate) measures container handling speed per hour per single crane. Over the last 15 years, PSA Venice – VECON has gradually improved its rate by 50%, from 18-20 moves per hour to the current 28 moves. A figure that places us among the terminals with the best operational productivity in Italy.

trasporto di container e nave attraccata nel porto di Venezia

Fast service to Hauliers

Another reference parameter is the one that measures service quality, in terms of time, for delivery and return of container to trucks: thanks also to the terminal’s recent introduction of Fast-Track and Easy Gate digital solutions for easy container scheduling, service times have been further reduced. Under normal conditions, a truck will be served in maximum 10 minutes to deliver a laden container; for return of empty container, the truck will leave the terminal in maximum 20 minutes.

Serving customers

The excellent performance of the terminal is above all the result of the effort that we expend every day to provide docked ships with the best service in the shortest time possible, but it also has to do with the ability to hear and understand the needs of each customer.

We are committed to constantly investing in new technology that improves operational processes and optimizes gate-in and gate-out flows at the terminal; this leads to a reduction of unproductive moves and an ability to quickly and safely handle containers and the cargo stowed in them

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Code of Ethics

PSA is a world leader in the terminals sector. We firmly believe that business must be conducted not only in accordance with the highest standards of economic efficiency, but also with the highest standards of ethics. These standards go beyond the minimum legal requirements and reflect the Group’s long-term commitment to building a successful, honest and responsible business that all its employees take pride in. The Code reflects our business principles and provides guidance on what is expected of PSA employees in dealing with the day-to-day and with critical issues.

Our FISH culture

This is a new way of envisioning work that is not limited to the achievement of results, but which aims for enjoyment in working together and satisfaction with ourselves and with what we do. It is a philosophy that helps people from different cultures and countries and in enterprises around the world to strengthen their collaboration through a language and approach to work shared by all. All of this injects more passion, self-discipline, trust and mutual support in every moment.

Our objective is to create an enjoyable, cohesive work environment that will unleash the potential of each person and thus enhance organizational effectiveness with positive effects for our customers. “Together, side by side” is our mantra: what we do “side by side” is the factor beyond our reputation as premier port operators.


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