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PSA VENICE – VECON: Northeast Gateway

Ideal port terminal for the Northeast

PSA Venice – VECON is the premier terminal of choice in the Port of Venice and is situated in the middle of the Venice Lagoon (45°26’ N; 12°20’ E) at Quay B of the Port of Marghera. The container terminal is particularly well protected against wind and other heavy weather or marine conditions, thus enabling port operations to be carried out with no risks for navigation. Strategically positioned, the commercial port is in the ideal location to perform goods clearance and transit operations to and from the markets of the Veneto region, the Northeast and all of Northern Italy, to quickly reach Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, in the heart of Europe.

Weekly direct connections from PSA Venice – VECON to major Eastern Mediterranean markets in Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Algeria complement the connections with the main hub ports of Piraeus, Malta and Damietta from which all extra-Med destinations can be reached via the Suez Canal and on to the Far East.

PSA Venice – VECON h 24/365 accessibility

Our port Terminal is located in an area served by a highly-developed network of road infrastructure which enables smooth, easily-accessible connections to all the major manufacturers in Veneto, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Trentino, Lombardy and more.

With Singapore PSA group

Vecon S.p.A. is in charge of the management of the largest container terminal in the Port of Venice. Since 1997, we are part of the International PSA Group of Singapore ( known for its vast international experience in the development, administration and management of container terminals, which currently manages a network of over 60 deepsea, rail and inland terminals. In Italy, the PSA Group also controls Genova Prà, thus making it possible to offer customers top-level logistic services in the main Adriatic and Tirreno gateways.

Our goods services

PSA Venice – Vecon represents the benchmark for Port of Venice operators, as they recognize its high standard in terms of the service quality offered for goods, which goes hand in hand with the care taken to ensure that their personnel work in a safe environment.
All shipping companies, freight forwarders, hauliers and Northeast firms can count on PSA Venice VECON if they are looking for an independent logistic operator that strives for excellence and for the constant improvement of its operational processes.

Our terminal is also known for its ability to innovate and its flexibility in finding “creative” solutions that meet the growing demand for complementary services for the handling of in and out-of-gauge cargo. We are referring in particular to stuffing, stripping and storage activities for the commodities that most frequently transit through this region, such as: marble, semi-finished steel products like round bars, billets, pipes, coils, strips, as well as goods in boxes or pallets, big bags, cages, breakbulk, in short all the goods that the Companies in the region receive or ship through the Port of Venice.

Warehouses, short and long-term storage

At the end of 2020, with the pandemic in full swing, VECON’s ability to innovate was not put on hold and the PSA Group approved a major investment for the construction of a 2000 m2 tensile structure inside the terminal’s custom area. This has enabled further development of cargo handling capability by adding to the wide range of services a covered space for custom clearance and long-term storage of goods that require greater care.

Inspection and repair

For years PSA Venice – VECON has been authorized to inspect, repair and prepare standard containers and refrigerated containers for special cargo for all shipping companies. Thanks to this activity, which is included in our container service package, we ensure quick return of empty units to the market, helping to improve the logistics chain of our partners who, in turn, will be able to attract a larger number of customers; for companies, this means faster equipment rotation which leads to increased competitiveness in the region.


Our history

Container traffic first came to Venice in the late 60s, with conventional or specially-adapted ships; in the early 70s, Quay B at Marghera was equipped to create a special operations section where containerized goods are handled.

Vecon S.p.A. is born

In 1987, following the example of foreign countries, Alessandro Di Ciò, Superintendent at the time, decided to establish a joint-stock company that would manage the container terminal as a port company operating under a multi-year concession from the Government. On 18 December 1987, Vecon SpA was incorporated.

Approximately ten years later, in accordance with Law 84/1994, an international tender was held for transfer of the controlling stake of the Port Authority, after Rothschild Italy, the globally renowned advisor, had been appointed to carry out a business valuation.

Major international organizations participated in the tender, among them Hutchinson Port Holdings, Ceres, Malta Freeport, Contship Italy and other smaller firms.

The winner was Sinport Spa, a company established on the initiative of the Fiat Group, that had acquired the Genoa Voltri Terminal in 1991 and whose objective was to speed up completion of logistics infrastructures for competitiveness of the transport system in Italy.
Since 1997, the PSA Group of Singapore has been the controlling shareholder of Vecon, an operator with outstanding experience in port management.


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