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Social responsibility and sustainable logistics

Social responsibility

As a global company, PSA deems it important to support initiatives in favour of environment protection and sustainable logistics, as well as charity and support projects for the most disadvantaged people, including through direct action and involvement of the group’s companies.

Over the years, PSA Venice – VECON has established long-term relationships with local non-profit agencies and organizations in this field:

  • Fondazione Opera S. Maria del Porto (Mariport) – Stella Maris – Support and assistance to sailors
  • Associazione Amici della Laguna e del Porto – participation in charity and cultural programs with local schools
  • CASA NAZARETH ASSOCIAZIONE VOLONTARI DEL FANCIULLO O.N.L.U.S. – after-school activities for deprived children
  • UILDM VENEZIA ONLUS – support for disabled people
  • Casa dell’Ospitalità di Venezia e Mestre, a foundation that for many years has been helping people and families experiencing hardship
  • ITALIA LOVES SICUREZZA, an organization of volunteers that promotes a culture of safety in schools and families
  • REYER Venezia – Venezia – basketball team in Serie A (2019 Italian champions). – Endorsement and sponsoring of youth projects: REYER CITY CAMP 2021 (SECOND, THIRD AND FOURTH WEEK OF JUNE 2021) official summer camp held in our region for young Reyer athletes as well as children aged 7 to 12 (approximately 150) who wish to spend the first part of their summer holidays in a context that offers opportunities for socializing, having fun, playing sports and learning (English courses, visits to local community groups, etc.).

Sustainable logistics

Every year, PSA Group organizes initiatives designed to increase awareness of environmental protection, recovery and recycling of materials, with the aim of making people more informed about the causes of climate change and the consequences of our personal behaviour in the current scenario. For years, Vecon has regularly been inviting their employees, freelancers and customers to make those small changes in their everyday life which in the long run can make the difference.

Applying sustainable practices has become fundamental for Vecon because over time they produce an effect on the chain of suppliers as well. Working with principles and rules of sustainability and with those who observe these rules, gives more guarantees and minimizes risks. In this respect, choosing only suppliers who have undergone an evaluation process means reducing the risk of default and increasing the guarantee of reliability and compliance with contracts. All of this fosters business continuity and reduces the likelihood of interruptions linked to the breaching of regulations.
The growing attention placed by the United Nations on sustainable development goals (SDGs) is essential for the terminal. In order to address these goals, various sustainability actions have been implemented over the years.

Vecon is committed to adopting solutions that prevent energy waste, by evaluating and keeping under control all the energy aspects linked to terminal management operations. This commitment also applies to new activities in the design and acquisition phase, which are carefully analyzed to reduce the consumption of energy resources by using the most efficient and economically viable technology available on the market.
The goal is a 30% reduction of CO2eq emissions by 2030.

Health and Safety

PSA Venice – VECON commits to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our personnel, customers and contractors. We aim to promote sustainable logistics development in the communities where we operate and constantly strive to improve our safety practices to set a positive example, as logistics partner of every company.

We carefully consider health and safety problems in every commercial, corporate and operational decision, and all the measures we take in that respect are rooted in our company’s policies, procedures, programs and practices.

With various awareness-building initiatives, such as the annual Global PSA Safety Week, we continuously and consistently promote a common culture in which employees share our commitment to workplace safety.


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