VECON S.P.A. is a private company that since 1987 operates Venice Container Terminal, the largest in the Adriatic.

Since 1988 VECON is part of PSA Group of Singapore, one of the leading port operators in the world.

The strategic location makes Vecon the ideal terminal to link the important North-East Italian market with Far East, Middle East, East Med and other regions overseas.

The terminal Vecon (45°26’ N; 12°20’ E) is situated in the centre of the Venice Lagoon. Thanks to its location, VECON terminal is very well protected from wind and other bad weather and sea conditions, so the port operations can always proceed smoothly and without risks.

Vecon, to confirm its master position in Adriatic, is continuously in progress and development. Other improvements are scheduled both in expansion area for other 10ha and new facilities appropriated to be in line with the market requirements.